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Chapter 5: The Day After
I'm sorry it's so short :(

Walking into school with her cousin and his weapon, Destiny was having a hard time trying not to smile.  Yes, she hadn't told BlackStar and Tsubaki about Kid, but she wasn't sure if she should have or not.  BlackStar could get very protective of Destiny, because she was the closest thing he had to a little sister. But she was still elated that she would get to see Kid again.

"Hey guys." Soul said as the three of them walked over to him and Maka. "You ok Destiny? You got this weird look on your face." Maka glarred at him

"It's called a smile, Soul." She snapped, "Sometimes people smile."

"Whatever, but usually the only smile that comes from her is a sarcastic one." He turned back to Destiny, who was beginning to get nervous. "So what's up that you're so happy about?"

"Um..." she looked around desperately for help. And she found it, "Hey look, it's Kid, Liz, and Patty!"

"Whatever, we're talking about this later." Soul warned her. Good enough. The three finally joined the rest of them, Kid and Destiny sneaking a smile at each other.

"Oh, i brought the clothes back." Destiny said handing the bag she was holding to Patty

"Wow that was super fast!" She giggled, "Oh i have an idea! How about you and me, and Liz, and Maka, and Tsubaki all go out shopping this Friday!"

"Patty, Friday's the dance, remember?" Kid said behind her. Destiny and Patty both looked quite confused

"W-what dance?" Liz rolled her eyes

"The DWMA is having like this major party on friday for no reason really.  It's supposed to be really fun.  You should go."

"Oh, um... I'm not really a party person... I'll probably stay home..."

"Come on, cuz," BlackStar said as serious as he could, "Don't be so socially awkward, you have to talk to people if you want to be as big of a star as me!"

"Ok fine, I'll go!" She said, holding up her hands, "But don't be surprised if I'm sitting in the corner the whole time. And Liz, Patty, I'll need your help again."

Great, she thought, more socializing.

888888 TIME SKIP 888888

"Hey, Destiny!" Destiny turned around right before she was getting ready to head home. Kid walked over to her, with that small sexy smile of his

"Hey Kid."

"So, I was wondering if you were actually going to the dance on Friday..." he said, looking down and blushing, "Because you seemed reluctant to go."

"Well... yeah I'm going.  It's just... after what happened yesterday I was a little hesitant." She smiled at him, bending down so he was forced to look at her, "I also know that you're going, being Lord Death's son and all.  So I suppose I have at lease one thing to go for."

"Good." Kid said, "It would have been very boring without you."

"KID WE GOTTA GO! Oh... HEY DESTINY!" Patty yelled behind them, standing next to Liz.  The two of them waved at Patty

"I'll see you tomorrow." Kid said (sexily)

"Ok, bye." Kid quickly kissed her cheek before walking off to his weapons.
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