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May 11, 2013
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Chapter 1: Meetings

“YAHOO!” BlackStar yelled, running down the hallway to the rest of his friends.  They turned, suppressing the need to roll their eyes.  “Guess what guys, there’s someone at this school who is almost as awesome as me!”

“What the hell are you talking about, BlackStar?” Soul asked coolly.

“The new girl of course!” he laughed pointing behind him.  Though he didn’t look behind him to see that there was nothing there.  “Destiny just so happens to be the coolest person ever, besides me of course.”

“Uh… BlackStar,” Maka said, annoyed, “What are we supposed to be looking at?” BlackStar turned around and finally realized no one was behind him

“Destiny, where’d you go?!  Did you get lost already?!” BlackStar yelled

“Calm down,” a small voice said, followed by a girl turning the corner and standing next to him.  She worse a baggy sweatshirt, black band T-shirt, tight skinny jeans with rips on the knees.  Her deep purple hair was tied up in a lose pony tail.  She basically looked like she just came off the streets.  “I was looking around for a second and you already have a panic attack.”

“Whatever, guys this is my cousin, her name’s Destiny.” She smiled, “This is Soul, you guys both like weird bands and have awesome hair.”

“Panic! At the Disco isn't weird.” Soul said, gesturing to Destiny’s shirt

“That’s Maka, you’re both really smart.” They smiled at each other, “You already know Tsubaki so I don’t need to introduce her.  That’s Liz, you’re both really obsessed with appearances, and her sister Patty.  You guys both have pretty big boobs.” Destiny turned to him and fully fledged punched him in the face, blood dripping from his mouth

“I hate you.” She muttered and turned back to the group

“Love you too…” he said, glaring at her slightly.  “And that’s Death the Kid.  He’s got OCD problems, kind of like you.  But his thing is symmetry.”

“I don’t have OCD you bastard" Kid said glaring at him. Destiny, who was about to punch her cousin again, looked at Kid out of the corner of her eye. 'Death the Kid...'  she thought 'I've heard of him before I know that, but where...'

"Yeah, OK." BlackStar said sarcastically.

"Where'd you come from, Destiny?" Maka asked, desperate to change the subject

"Oh, well..." Destiny looked at the ground, "Lot's of places. I've been living on the streets for most of the past three or four years."

"And now she's living with me! Ha ha ha!" BlackStar slung an arm around her shoulders

"I'm still mad at you for the OCD thing..." she muttered

"You know," Kid said smoothly, "If you still need time to settle into your new house, I could talk to my father and he'd gladly let you have a day off." She looked at him with grateful eyes, blush threatening to dance on her fair skin

"That'd be amazing, thanks Kid."

"Don't worry about it, it's nothing." He flashed her a smile

"Whatever you say." She turned to her cousin, holding her hand out, "Keys?" He dropped a small key in her hand from his pocket, "Thanks, I'll see you guys tomorrow!"

"Don't get lost. You remember how to get there right?" BlackStar asked. She smirked and hugged him

"Thanks for being worried, and I wont get lost." She pulled away from him and quickly ran off

"Wow Kid, that was really nice of you." Liz said, "Got a crush?" Everyone laughed at Liz's accusation, unaware of Kid resisting the urge to blush

"She just looked like she needed a day off." He snapped back, "Just because I gave it to her does not mean I like her."

"Whatever you say, come on, we'll be late for class." Everyone ran to Stein's classroom, while Destiny ran back to her new home
Just a new Death the Kid X OC story I started, hope y'all like it :D

:bulletblack:My Soul Eater Group: [link]
:bulletwhite:Chapter 2: [link]
:bulletblack:Chapter 3: [link]
:bulletwhite:Chapter 4: [link]
:bulletblack:Chapter 5: [link]
:bulletwhite:Chapter 6: [link]
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Is it alright if i edit this to my OC as the "Destiny" of the story?
MsDeathTheKid Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013   General Artist
Wait will you post it anywhere or just have it for you.  If you do post it anywhere, you can only do so if you give me credit for the story line and everything
20pikachu02 Featured By Owner Nov 2, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Im just gonna keep it here on DA
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That sounds oddly JUST like someone i know, she loves panic!at the disco, wears skinny jeans, purple hair, wears baggy sweaters, band t shirts, like, wow this scared me XD i like it tho!
MsDeathTheKid Featured By Owner May 12, 2013   General Artist
Lol that's wat I look like except for the purple hair but I might be getting it dyed blood red :D
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